2022 International Conference On Computer Architecture and Software Engineering(CASE 2022)

Conference review

The Successful Conclusion of CASE 2022 

CASE 2022 was successfully held online on April. 16, 2022. It aimed to provide a platform where experts, engineering technicians, and R&D technicians have the opportunity to share research findings and leading-edge technologies, which, in return, helps them understand the trend of academic development and take a broader approach to continue their research in related fields. The conference has enhanced academic research and discussions, advancing conversion of research outcomes into industrial solutions.  

Speeches of Keynote Speakers

Three experts at home and abroad were invited to CASE 20221 to share their research outcomes.  主讲1-Dr.S.K.png   


Anna University-Chennai, India

Speech title: Blockchain and Its Applications

       主讲2-马汝辉副教授.png    主讲2-马汝辉副教授(2).png

Assoc. Prof. Ruhui Ma, IEEE Member

Doctoral Supervisor of the Computer Department , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Speech title: Research and Exploration of Federated Learning System

      主讲3-赵传君副教授.png     主讲3-赵传君副教授(2).png

Assoc. Prof. Chuanjun Zhao

School of Information, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Speech title:  Cross-domain sentiment classification via parameter transferring and attention sharing mechanism

Oral Presentations

Experts and scholars were also invited to give oral presentations.

              口头报告1-李皖玲.png    口头报告2-毛谢恩.png

              口头报告3-余士蕾.png    口头报告4-欧阳一帆.png

              口头报告5-林贵秋.png   口头报告6-徐明.png

During the conference, participants have carried out constructive dialogues and discussions around the presented reports, and achieved positive results in many aspects.

             合照1.png    合照2.png

CASE 2022, an online international conference organized by AEIC, closed on APr.16. We are very grateful to keynote speakers and oral speakers for their wonderful reports, as well as to the members of organizing committees and experts for their support. AEIC, as the organizer of CASE 2022, has taken practical actions to facilitate the conference. In the future, AEIC will evolves towards a more professional, more international perspective, and focus on creating a platform that enables face-to-face academic exchanges and deep cooperation in a wide range, with a view to enhancing the development of China’s scientific research and facilitating the onward march of human civilization.